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SERIES: fullmetal alchemist: conqueror of shamballa
CHARACTER(S): edward elric, alfons heiderich
IMG SOURCE: déraciné doujinshi by IDEA; page 21; scanned by [ profile] scanclan
ADDTNL CREDITS: scratch texture by [ profile] peoplemechanics
TIME: idk i lost track
TOOLS: Paint Tool Sai; Photoshop CS5; Wacom Bamboo tablet
LAYERS: 71 including color adjustments + textures (but not text)

may this always remind you of sea under skies, blue looking glass
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[Title]: Elrichesters
[Fandom]: Fullmetal Alchemist/Supernatural fushion
[Characters]: Ed and Al
[Rating]: PG
[Media]: Pencil/Photoshop
[Warnings]: Alternate Universe/Timeline


[Title]: Shower Time
[Fandom]: Fullmetal Alchemist
[Character]: Roy
[Rating]: R
[Media]: Pencil
[Warning]: Nudity

Shower Time

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