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Title: Drabbles: Working Girl
Fandom: FMA (manga version)
Character(s): Winry, with appearances from others
Pairing(s): Canon 'ships in the background.
Word Count: 1100 so far.
Warnings: None.
A/N: Part of my LJ-to-Dreamwidth fanfiction port, this series formally began in January 2009, though it picked up two drabbles posted separately earlier. So many of my friends, online and off, were job-hunting or experiencing job weirdness that it invaded my 'fic. So here's Winry Rockbell, working girl, in a variety of professional situations (or situations at least marginally related to her profession). Concrit welcomed with letters of recommendation. Crossposted from [personal profile] nebroadwe to [community profile] fm_alchemist and [community profile] hagaren.
Dedication(s): See individual drabbles below.

Job-hunting during a recession makes most people desperate; Winry Rockbell just gets cranky.
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[Title]: Under the Stars and Smaller than Men
[Fandom]: Fullmetal Alchemist/Supernatural fushion
[Pairing]: Mild Ed/Winry; Ed/Roy
[Rating]: R
[Warnings]: Alternate Universe/Timeline
[A/N]: You don't necessarily need to be familiar with Supernatural to read this although it likely helps. It is a fusion, not a crossover. Cross-posted to [community profile] hagaren and [community profile] fm_alchemist.

When summer hits they head north but the heat chases them, through wide open landscapes and past the mountains.