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At the End of the World

Summary: Jean and Ed have spent years trying to avenge the ones they lost. Will a wasteland of ice and snow be their end or will they find triumph at the end of the world?

AUTHOR: [personal profile] catw00man
CHARACTER(S): Jean Havoc, Edward Elric, Heymans Breda, implied Roy/Ed & Jean/Riza
COMPLETED: January 12, 2012
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. I’m just playing with someone else’s toys.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This fic is written for [personal profile] zippitgood who I know loves world building. I hope you enjoy this one, hun, it was pretty fun to do and I like how it finally turned out. It was also written for the Secret Coconut, a fic exchange promoted by the community Saint Seiya Superfics Journal

AO3 | LJ | At the End of the World
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Innocuous Exposure

Summary: Desert heat has some very unexpected consequences for Ed.

AUTHOR: [personal profile] catw00man
CHARACTERS: Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Heymans Breda, Riza Hawkeye, Ed POV
PROMPT: KB: Exposure & SF: Any/Any (Any Canon): innocuous exposure as a turn on (wrist through sleeve cuffs, back of neck, etc.) .
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. I’m just playing with someone else’s toys.

Innocuous Exposure

DW | AO3 | LJ
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Deception's Fool

Summary: Roy thinks he knows who he is and what he's meant to be, but Ed shows him he couldn't be more wrong.

AUTHOR: [personal profile] catw00man
CHARACTERS: Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Roy POV
COMPLETED: August 11, 2011
PROMPT: Roy steps out on Ed with a woman and it doesn't go nearly as well for him as it does for her. Returning home, unsatisfied, he finds that Ed's returned. Ed confronts him with why they work and why a woman could never provide what Roy needs.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. I’m just playing with someone else’s toys.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was written for the LJ fma_slashfest community. The moment I saw the prompt I absolutely had to have it and I adore how this came out. It's a bit of a different take on their relationship for me but I think I love it. Also I have to say a HUGE thanks to [personal profile] zippitgood for the awesome beta!

Deception's Fool | on LJ | on AO3
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These are some Fullmetal Alchemists yaoi icons I made from pictures found around the net. Please enjoy.

Roy x Maes, Roy x Havoc & Roy x Ed (12 in total)


Icons found here. ;-)
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SERIES: fullmetal alchemist: conqueror of shamballa
CHARACTER(S): edward elric, alfons heiderich
IMG SOURCE: déraciné doujinshi by IDEA; page 21; scanned by [ profile] scanclan
ADDTNL CREDITS: scratch texture by [ profile] peoplemechanics
TIME: idk i lost track
TOOLS: Paint Tool Sai; Photoshop CS5; Wacom Bamboo tablet
LAYERS: 71 including color adjustments + textures (but not text)

may this always remind you of sea under skies, blue looking glass
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Title: Waking Up
Author: Starlit Purple
Words: 409
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary: Roy likes waking up with Ed.
Author's Note: I meant to post this for 520 Day, but failed to finish it before midnight (CST anyway). Also wrote the end of this while half-drunk so it may be terrible. You have been warned. :D

This, Roy mused, was the best way to wake up.
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Title: Air
Rating: PG13
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Supernatural
AU: Mashup
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Fusion Universe, Modern Setting
Word Count: 818
Characters/Pairing: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric
Summary: Ed’s good at screwing things up. But, this is a step in the right direction.
Author’s Notes: Hello Mashup! It’s been a while. I need to poke at your timeline, because you didn’t go the same direction as SPN went. BECAUSE I’M NOT THAT MEAN TO YOU BOYS. (Yet.)

Links: Livejournal ||| Dreamwidth ||| Fanfiction.Net ||| Archive of our Own

Title: Keep This Together
Rating: NC17
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Nightbreed
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Urban Fantasy, Tentacle Fic
Word Count: 2793
Characters/Pairing: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric
Summary: Roy helps out Ed with a case, but it’s not what he expects.
Author’s Notes: I don’t even know. Yes tentacles. Because.

Links: Livejournal ||| Dreamwidth ||| Fanfiction.Net ||| Archive of our Own

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[Title]: Elrichesters
[Fandom]: Fullmetal Alchemist/Supernatural fushion
[Characters]: Ed and Al
[Rating]: PG
[Media]: Pencil/Photoshop
[Warnings]: Alternate Universe/Timeline


[Title]: Shower Time
[Fandom]: Fullmetal Alchemist
[Character]: Roy
[Rating]: R
[Media]: Pencil
[Warning]: Nudity

Shower Time

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[Title]: Under the Stars and Smaller than Men
[Fandom]: Fullmetal Alchemist/Supernatural fushion
[Pairing]: Mild Ed/Winry; Ed/Roy
[Rating]: R
[Warnings]: Alternate Universe/Timeline
[A/N]: You don't necessarily need to be familiar with Supernatural to read this although it likely helps. It is a fusion, not a crossover. Cross-posted to [community profile] hagaren and [community profile] fm_alchemist.

When summer hits they head north but the heat chases them, through wide open landscapes and past the mountains.
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Title: Rusted Dawn

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Rating: NC-17 overall

Summary: It's too close; he's crumbling, and he can't stop the slide into this disaster.

A/N: Sorry I'm not closing the gaps between these chapters the way I'd hoped. Still- plugging along, and we're very close to the ending now. Only a few more chapters to go now, and thank you to everyone who's been sticking with it. I really appreciate you putting up with how slow I am to update!

As always, gracious thanks go to [personal profile] evil_whimsey for her invaluable insights and assistance. My second set of eyes; I trust them more than my own. Thank you, dear!

previous chapters

”Fucking awful.”

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Title: Ivory Gate
Fandom: FMA (anime v. 1.0)
Character(s): Ed, Noa (Alfons Heiderich in flashback)
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG (for mild language)
Warnings: Spoilers for the FMA movie.
A/N: Part of my LJ-to-Dreamwidth fanfiction port; first written in 2006. This constitutes a pair of deleted scenes from the movie, fleshing out some character and plot points that interested me. Translation and cultural notes can be found at the end. Crossposted from [personal profile] nebroadwe to [community profile] fm_alchemist and [community profile] hagaren.
Dedication: For the good folk of rec.arts.anime.misc, especially Laurie and Dave, in gratitude for many engrossing hours of discussion (not to mention the advice that allowed me to purchase and watch a R2 copy of Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa six months before the R1 version was released).

Trust no one; betrayal is certain.